Team of the Week Goes to Wasserforscher im sand
Zamieszczono na 28 marzec 2018

Congratulations to the Wasserforscher Im Sand team from Germany for winning this week’s Global Team of The Week Award!

The moment after this team registered they started completing challenges all on their own. They have already written newsreels to motivate and inspire their fellow Water

WANTED-HELP for a well
Autor postu 7H Cerniat_2018, Switzerland na 26 marzec 2018
Global Water Connections between teams in Poland and Malta
Zamieszczono na 23 marzec 2018
Oliwia Bialas
Our Plastic Legacy Community Event
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Zamieszczono na 20 marzec 2018
Using Less Water to Beat Day Zero
Zamieszczono na 19 marzec 2018
A magazine in construction
Zamieszczono na 15 marzec 2018
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Zamieszczono na 13 marzec 2018
Grade 5 Raincatchers
Team Of The Week Goes To Ebomvini Eco-Club
Zamieszczono na 13 marzec 2018
Team Of The Week Goes To Laura Vicuna School
Zamieszczono na 6 marzec 2018
Cleaning up our wetlands
Autor postu Bambanani2016, South Africa na 6 marzec 2018
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Zamieszczono na 5 marzec 2018
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