Team Of The Week Goes To Suyun Sultanlari
Zamieszczono na 22 styczeń 2018

Congratulations to Team Suyun Sultanlari from Turkey for winning this week's Global Team of The Week award! 

The Sultan Ayhan Primary School team have completed many of the challenges in a very short period of time. They have put a huge amount of effort into the activities and have organised a

Walk for Water
zawiera załącznik
Zamieszczono na 19 styczeń 2018
Students carrying a 2 litre bottle in their backpack
Team Of The Week Goes To Oro Blu
Zamieszczono na 17 styczeń 2018
Team Of The Week Goes To Collège Saint Joseph du Loquidy
Zamieszczono na 10 styczeń 2018
Zamieszczono na 4 styczeń 2018
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