Going green? Go vegetarian
Autor postu Phumelelani2016, South Africa na 27 lipiec 2016
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Today we learnt about the concept of secret water. Secret water is the water that is used in the produce of things we buy, consume and eat. A T-Shirt for example uses a gigantic 2700Litrse of Water. That’s not just because cotton is a water thirsty plant, it is also the fact that many of the c

Team of the Week Goes to Bambanani Primary School!
Zamieszczono na 25 lipiec 2016
Autor postu Sipha Green Buddies, South Africa na 12 lipiec 2016
The Treepeneurs with their incredible tree nursery
Wonderfully Wise Water Work
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Autor postu Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa na 12 lipiec 2016
A system installed to reuse grey water bottles
Team of the Week Goes to Sipha Green Buddies!
Zamieszczono na 11 lipiec 2016
Autor postu InEuropa srl na 11 lipiec 2016
From Ireland to South Africa
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Autor postu GAP Ireland na 6 lipiec 2016
Team of the Week Goes to Montessori Grundschule Starnberg
Zamieszczono na 5 lipiec 2016
Flushed away - saving water with each flush
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Zamieszczono na 4 lipiec 2016
Investigating Danville's toilets
Making Natural fertilizers and insect deterants
Autor postu Sipha Green Buddies, South Africa na 1 lipiec 2016
Our worm wee and insect repelling plants such as marigolds and basil
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