The scary reality of life without our precious water
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When you think of water scarcity what springs to mind, baron land, sparse deserts, empty wells? We often see it as a far of issue when the scary reality is that water scarcity is far closer to home, spooky. The UN has categorised the South East of Britain alongside large parts of Africa, Asia and Eu

Composting on campus
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Girls get to touch the 100% organic compost
It's Showtime!
Autor postu 17 Bromley Brownies, United Kingdom na 23 październik 2015
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paper aquarium
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Proudly South African
Autor postu Eqhweni Combined School , South Africa na 19 październik 2015
Discussing the different water saving adaptions of plants
making Water hoists
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Water Hoist
Water Filter Fun!
Autor postu 17 Bromley Brownies, United Kingdom na 13 październik 2015
Congratulations To The 5th Bromley Scouts From The UK For Winning This Week Global Team Of The Week Award!
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Stemming The Flow Of Innocent Ignorance
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Celebrating Watery Wins!
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