Brescia House School win Global Team of the Week!
Autor postu Brescia House School, South Africa na 24 listopad 2015

A very big well done to Brescia House School who have won our Water Explorer Global Team of the Week award for their outstanding start to their project.

They have already been involved in a number of exciting challenges this year. The Earthkeepers team conducted an investigation into how much water

Congratualtions to Zespół Szkół Urszulańskich in Rybniku for winning our Global Team of the Week award!
Zamieszczono na 17 listopad 2015
Some of the children from Zespół Szkół Urszulańskich in Rybniku, Poland completing a challenge.
Water in everything!
Zamieszczono na 12 listopad 2015
Making our paper pretty with petals!
A Big Well Done To Chelsea Preparatory School From South Africa For Winning Global Team of the Week Award!
Zamieszczono na 2 listopad 2015
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