Merry Christmas Water Explorers!
Zamieszczono na 22 grudzień 2015

Our amazing Italian teams have sent you a  Christmas message....... watch here

It's been an incredible 2015 for teams across the world, and here's to our continued journey to save the world's water in 2016!


Thirsty Paper!
Zamieszczono na 18 grudzień 2015
St Joseph's team triumphs!
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Autor postu Water Explorer UK na 16 grudzień 2015
Designing our container
Zamieszczono na 15 grudzień 2015
Paris Climate Summit COP21 – Water Explorers are doing summit about it
Zamieszczono na 14 grudzień 2015
St Augustine's PP5 in Dublin win Global Team of the Week!
Zamieszczono na 9 grudzień 2015
Fracking And grey water
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Zamieszczono na 8 grudzień 2015
Making our Mark !
Precious Water
Zamieszczono na 3 grudzień 2015
Watery wins for Bishop Stopford's School
Autor postu Bishop Stopford's School, United Kingdom na 1 grudzień 2015
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