Genç Su Kaşifleri are making a splash!
Zamieszczono na 15 kwiecień 2019

Congratulations to Genç su kaşifleri from Turkey for making a splash and being awarded Water Explorer's current top team!

This team is currently the top Water Explorers in Turkey. It has been great to see the Explorer's commitment and their enthusiasm in spreading their water-saving messages. They have published blog posts about each challenge they have done. The team are only small (made up of 21 students) but always find a way to get their whole school and families involved. 

The team were looking to get Water Explorer t-shirts, but they didn't want to buy new as it would waste the secret water embedded in clothes. Therefore they decided to paint their own Water Explorer t-shirts by upcycling old ones they no longer used. They invited along their parents to helps as well as explaining why they were doing it. 

Not only this, but the team also went on a trip to a local recycling plant. In their blog post they explained that upcycling seeing the recycling process and how immense the amount of recyclable rubbish we produce was astonishing. They explained how "even though sometimes we are told these things, experiencing it in first person really has a huge impact and helps us grasp the scale."

Well done team and keep up the amazing work!

The Water Explorer Team


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