Warmińskie Kropelki are making a splash!
Zamieszczono na 11 marzec 2019

Congratulations to Warmińskie Kropelki (or Warmian Droplets) from Poland for making a splash!

This team have put in a huge amount effort to connect their Water Explorer activities with the monitoring of their local water sources. So much so, that they have been awarded a grant from Regional Environmental Fund to continue their research on assessing the water quality of three lakes in their area. 

The team were invited to the annual municipal event, Local Successes, the first week of March and were awarded a prize in honour of their persistent efforts to engage both the school and local community in water-related positive actions.

The team is also active in promoting food sustainability and was the main provider of vegetarian sandwiches at a recent all-school Economic Forum. This was part of their public campaign on raising the awareness of the secret water in our food. They reached out to more than 200 participants of the Forum!

Well done and keep up the amazing work! 

The Water Explorer Team

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