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Hello everyone,
Friday, November 30, the Ayent'eaux organize the race RUN FOR WATER to, we hope, allow the construction of a well in Burkina Faso, in a commune composed of several isolated villages. The inhabitants of this region have to walk 8 kilometers to get water. Aware of the luck we have in Switzerland, we want to help them.
The leaders of the association came to class, we could exchange with them. We then set to work to organize this event. The idea of ​​the race came to us quite quickly because we wanted to sensitize all our comrades of Ayent and Arbaz to the distance traveled by our African comrades. What could be better than walking too, to concretely represent their efforts?
We obtained the authorization of the direction, the municipality and presented the project in the 6 classes of the Orientation Cycle, the 4 classes of Arbaz and the 14 other classes of our school. For each student, we have prepared an envelope to search for sponsors to get funds for the construction of the well. We also took advantage of this presentation to explain to them what were the water explorers and the challenges we had already achieved. It was a good exercise but it was not so easy, especially in front of older ones.
We are currently at D - 9 of the race, in the preparations ...

We will give you news.

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