The German National Water Explorer Award goes to...
Zamieszczono na 19 wrzesień 2018

The best German Water Explorer teams came to Munich on the 14th September to celebrate this year’s achievements and have a good time. Every team presented their activities and prepared challenges for the other teams. Next to recitals of water poetry, there were games, quizzes, craft activities and a survey to calculate one’s personal water footprint that led to surprise even for experienced water explorers!

Most importantly: This year the team “The coolest water researchers” of the Sekundarschule Schkopau in Saxony-Anhalt won the day. Congratulations! They made every single challenge of the Water Explorer Programme plus several own ones in every mission area. Particular attention was paid to protecting their local water resources - Schkopau is a chemical site, which of course affects the quality of the running waters. The coolest water researchers even combined their water festival with a cleanup action. Most impressively, they prepared a guideline on the sustainable use of water called “Our planet should be named Water” for distribution to the community.

We are now looking forward to the international event in London!


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