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Autor postu SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey na 27 luty 2018
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We, Sultanas of Water, made a meeting to plan which we will do in our small withe activity and to be informed of our new duty as a team of water discoverers. In this meeting, we decided to observe stream and pond in Çayırova Gully. We invited Ümit MALKOÇOĞLU who we wish him to attend our future observations and studies and we already know he is a nature discoverer.

As a team, we made a working plan for ourselves by following instruction and clue in source 1,2. Accordin to our plan, we seperated into 4 groups. Each group stated their own assigned position. We made a list for our needs and preparations. We made an examination about weather conditions to determine our workout date and we decided to make our trip on 20.02.2018. With our teachers' help, we prepared sheltering clothes, tweezers, transparent case, magnifying glass, gloves, etc. which we will use during our activity.

      The day we was looking forward to came and we came to our assigned position. We started to observe around with a great excitement and curious eyes. We took for a walk around the stream we will work. We observed the stream and around. We listened the information which was given by native discoverer and took notes. We got information about creatures which live in water by gathering under the rain shelter which we came across on our path.  We, water discoverers, started to search, scan and observe under the leadership of nature discoverer. In consequence of our workings, we got the chance of observing turtledove larva, snail, crab and a little frog. We saw worm in different sizes under the rocks on the side of water. We saw some tiny flying flies on water surface. We tried to take photographs of creatures which we saw without hurting them.

      We have had the happiness of acquiring new knowledge and experiencing a different experience with this work.All these experiences created awareness that we are individuals who are sensitive to nature. We ended to our work by singing our Rap song “ You! Protect Your Water and returned to our school.  

      When we returned to our school, we informed our friends from school and teachers about the samples we collected and the information we collected.

We posted the photos on Suyun Sultanları facebook page and shared them with our followers. So we reached a lot of people. And we are proud of completing our mini  withe activity and keep saying: 

Every Drop You Keep is 

A Life Indeed 


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