Team Of The Week Goes To Team Warmińskie Kropelki
Zamieszczono na 27 luty 2018

Congratulations to Team Warmińskie Kropelki from Poland for winning this week’s Global School of the Week award!

This team from Biskupiec have put in a lot of effort to show their school community the connection between food production and water. They have grown their own vegetables and herbs – 8 different kinds in total! They have also used various containers and pots to grow the food inside the school so it can be grown all year round. When the vegetables are ripe, the team uses it for their sandwiches at lunchtime.

The team have recently delivered sandwiches for the all-school Economic Forum, and used their own vegetables that they grew last autumn. It was accompanied with a campaign on the secret water hidden in food products. They reached out to more than 120 participants of the Forum. The team is striving to make others more aware that growing your own food is really affordable as well as helping the conservation of water and it can be fun as well!

Well done Team Warmińskie Kropelki, we can’t wait to see what you grow next!

The Water Explorer Team


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