Love Water this Valentines
Autor postu Bridget Ringdahl na 15 luty 2018

To our surprise and delight 30 teachers flooded into our Love Water - Water Explorer workshop on Valentines Day kindly hosted by Phumelelani Primary . They were specifically requested to wear blue instead of red in solidarity of water and the water crisis in SA, and they all did!  14 schools from the district were represented, some had travelled as much as 80km to be there. 

The workshop took on a practical nature with a mathematical focus on measuring water that we use everyday. Teachers were astounded to see the potential of water wasted through simple actions like washing hands under a running tap. On average 1 litres is wasted /person and most learners will wash their hands at least twice during they day, so in school of 1000 learners thats a staggering 2000litres wasted /day and 10 000litres/week which equates into 2 large jojo tanks. Teachers realised the importance of revealing these figures and that their wash basin systems outside classrooms are indeed effective.

We were delighted with all our new registrations and look forward to a wave of water action in the Uthukela District in the coming months. 


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