Team Of The Week Goes To OLV BNS 5TH CLASS!
Zamieszczono na 8 luty 2018

A big congratulations to OLV BNS 5TH CLASS from Ireland for winning this week’s Global Team of The Week Award!
The team have been highly praised for their activity on Water Explorer. They have recently completed three new challenges: Challenge your family, The Water Swap and Aqua Adverts. For their last challenge they uploaded a great newsreel explaining what they learnt from their Kickstart workshop, which you can find on their team page. The students have been really creative in developing fun and creative adverts to encourage people to save water. Along with this, they have also come up with a great rap, labels for water bottles, short plays AND posters. This team has really become experts in water conservation and want to raise even more awareness in school and at home.

Keep up the great work!

The Water Explorer Team


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