Team Of The Week Goes To Oro Blu
Zamieszczono na 17 styczeń 2018

Congratulations to Team Oro Blu from Italy for winning this week's Global Team of The Week award!

The students from Team Oro Blu Linguaglossa organised an open day in school to raise awareness of the importance of getting clean water to everyone. They started collecting plastic caps from students, families and other individuals who attended the event. They then decided to promote and widen this initiative to the local community. The school has received a very positive response and is now the centre of collecting plastic caps for the entire town of Linguaglossa! The students have calculated that through their collection of the water bottle caps they will gain about 200 euros that they plan on donating to a Tanzanian project engaged in building a water well. 

Well done Team Oro Blu, enjoy your well-deserved prize!

The Water Explorer Team


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