Top Italian Water Explorers Celebrate at their National Event
Zamieszczono na 28 czerwiec 2017

The top Water Explorer teams from Italy attended their National Celebration Event on Monday the 19th of June. It was a very exciting day, and the Teams were all very enthusiastic: they engaged the jury with songs, dance performances, recycled items, online water saving games, and more!

In the end it was team ORME(A) SULL’ACQUA from Rome who impressed the judges the most, and earned their place as National winners. The judges loved the little reproduction of their  Water Festival that they made out of recycled materials.They also created a  vegetable garden in a small wooden box during their presentation to the judges, showing some of the pesticides they created with things like tomato plants and vegetables!

Congratulations team ORME(A) SULL'AQUA, and well done to all the National finalists!


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