Global Team of the Week goes to Tyne Team
Zamieszczono na 26 czerwiec 2017

Congratulations to Tyne Team from Corbridge Middle School in England on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

The Water Explorers at Corbridge Middle school have completed two great 'create your own Challenges' so far. The group of 12 Year 7 science students split into small groups to plan, carry out, and write up some brilliant watery experiments. For one of them, they carried our a very thorough investigation of the quality of bottled water compared to tap water, and talked about the environmental problems linked to water bottles. They're even submitting it for a CREST award! Their other investigation looked at how well different materials filter water, and got them thinking about how important low cost water filters are for countries with poor water access and sanitation. Once the Explorers had completed their investigations, they presented what they’d done to the whole team, so that every one 

The Team are still finishing up a few more investigations, and have got a Water Festival planned for July! Congratulations Tyne Team, keep up the great work!

The Water Explorer Team 


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