Bermuda's National Celebration Event
Zamieszczono na 23 czerwiec 2017
Winning team Whitney Institute Middle School
Winning team Whitney Institute Middle School

On Thursday, June 8 Greenrock hosted their 2016-2017 Water Explorer and Eco Schools Awards Ceremony at the HSBC Harbourview, Bermuda. The event, intentionally held on World Ocean’s Day, celebrated the hard work and efforts of students who participated in both environmental education programmes.

It was an afternoon of inspiration and great pride with students being called “revolutionaries” by guest speaker JP Skinner, a local marine biologist and educator for the way they took on the challenge of educating their families and friends on ecological issues.

Students were able to see their hard work in a picture reel. Water audits, school gardens, games, activities and more were displayed while participants at the event got their picture taken with a cutout frame. A slight technical hiccup caused students to miss the trivia game but we’re saving it for next year.

The highlight of the evening was of course the awards where last year’s national winner Dalton E Tucker Primary School made it to the podium again but this time as runner up while Whitney Institute Middle School took top prize.

It was a great evening for all as everyone who strives to live in harmony with the Earth is a winner!


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