Global Team of the Week goes to Die Werner-Egks
Zamieszczono na 20 czerwiec 2017

Congratulations to Team Die Werner-Egks from Werner-Egk Grundschule in Germany on being this week’s Global Team of the Week. 

This team of 19 ten year olds from Bayern have shown outstanding Water Explorer engagement, and have worked hard to engage others as well, by running different experiments, giving presentations and writing and performing songs.

The team also decided to work on the topic 'Water in Food'. They learnt a lot about the 'secret' embedded water that goes into producing everything that we eat, especially into meat. After learning this, they decided to start a 'Smoothie Challenge' with one of their fellow classes. Together they cut the veggies and fruits and tried out different flavour combinations. Knowing now how much water went into growing them, the students had a lot more respect for the ingredients they were using!

Congratulations Team Die Werner-Egks. Keep up all the creative water saving work!

The Water Explorer Team


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