Celebrating at our National Events
Zamieszczono na 16 czerwiec 2017
Switzerland's winning team celebrating

It’s that time of year again when countries start to hold their National Water Explorer Celebration Events!

In every country, the National Events are an opportunity to bring together Water Explorers from around the country, and celebrate and showcase their inspiring water saving actions. The celebrations have their own unique flavour in each country, so we thought we'd share a bit more about some of the ones we've had so far. 

For Ireland’s National Event, finalists travelled from Dublin, Kerry, Wicklow, and Cork to Axis Ballymun an arts and community resource centre, to compete in front of the judging panel which was led by Environmentalist Duncan Stewart and HSBC UK. It was a close call, but Castle Island Community College were crowned National winners, thanks to the 1.5 million litres of water savings they had managed to achieve as a result of successfully influencing 376 people to change their water usage habits, and their brilliant presentation.

In Switzerland, three excited teams attended the Celebration Event, as well as the deputy head of the Canton of Valais Department of Education, the head of the Wastewater Section of the Canton of Valais's Environment Department, FDDM, and Nadia Revaz from the Resonances Magazine. All three teams put on great presentations, mixing singing, acting, and passionate speeches. After touch deliberations les Sorciers de l'eau (the Wizards of Water) were named overall winners.

Four Teams attended Spain’s Celebration Event: one from the Canary Islands and three from the province of Granada, Andalusia. All of the teams had a long way to travel to get to Madrid, so all the students were up at 4 am! Each team tackled the presentation in a different way, with one acting out plays and another combining gymnastics, live music, videos, and PowerPoint! All of the teams received different awards in recognition of their different schools, so everyone left happy!

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Water Explorer, and we can’t wait to share what happens at all the other Celebration Events in the next few weeks and months.

The Water Explorer Team 


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