Global Team of the Week goes to Team Water Walkers
Zamieszczono na 12 czerwiec 2017

Congratulations to the Water Walkers Team from St. Michael's National School in Ireland on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

The Water Walkers have not let their late start to Water Explorer keep them from becoming one of Ireland's top teams; within a month the Water Walkers made it all the way to 5th place in the national rankings!

They've been very busy completing bucket loads of Challenges - 11 so far, and writing newsreels about them as well! They've been doing lots of great things, but something that really stood out was the song that they wrote themselves, called Water Waster. You can see some of the Explorers performing it here. They also had a great idea to investigate how much water goes into a full Irish, a vegetarian, and a vegan breakfast! The Team definitely practice what they preach: they've been reminding their parents of the changes they could make in their diet to help save water!

Well done Water Walkers! Keep up the fantastic work. 

The Water Explorer Team


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