Swiss award ceremony
zawiera załącznik
Autor postu Yaelle Linder na 6 czerwiec 2017

The prize-giving ceremony of the best water explorers took place on Friday, June 2, 2017 for three teams of enthusiastic finalists, with a great place of culture to welcome them, a fine team ready and a curious jury !

A few people responded to our invitation today: the deputy head of the Canton of Valais Department of Education, the head of the Wastewater Section of the Canton of Valais's Environment Department, FDDM, Nadia Revaz of the Resonances Magazine. Thanks to them!

The day went very well ...
The 3 teams showed during the morning their know-how and their work as Explorers: theater, singing, alternating speech. These 3 teams, experts in water-related exploration, demonstrated to the participants all the energy and motivation they had during the year on this program.

The jury's work was very difficult as the 3 teams were all deserving!

The Water Explorers program has been talked about and it has the future for the 2018 edition!

Thank you to everyone for this beautiful day!



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