Our UK National Celebration Event
Zamieszczono na 30 wrzesień 2016

On Wednesday 28th September Water Explorers top 5 UK teams came together for a day of celebration at the HSBC tower in Canary Wharf. The day was full to the brim with exploration of each teams amazing water saving achievements from the year.

At level 41 we had an inspiring view of the capitals river and docklands. To set the scene even further the company ‘Luchi and Ota’ brought creative fashion to the day through glittery upcycling activities. And the Queen Mary’s biological sciences team brought the fresh water species challenge to life by exploring our global water issues through demonstrations with live crayfish.

Each team created a unique demonstration of their work which brought their Water Explorer journey to life and to top it off each gave a presentation to the whole room. Bishop Stopfords school told us of their shorter showers, turning off taps and how they spread the water saving message far and wide. Calthorpe Park showed how they spread their watery wish, that people stop wasting water, throughout their community. Netherseal showered us in poems, scripts and raps topped up with water saving graphs and powerful facts. Applemore Technology College were bursting with watery facts and kept us on our feet with an interactive Q&A. Nafferton Primary School stole the show with an exhilarating drama and a fact finding mission that even got a judge on his feet.

The 5 judges had their work cut out to pick just one winner amongst the bucket load of passion, innovation and pro-active action to save our precious water that each team demonstrated. In a suspense filled room Nafferton School were announced as the top UK team for their water saving actions and commitment to filling our future with water for all.

Badges were made, songs were sung, and winners won! What a great day for Water Explorer.

Thank you to everyone for such a waterful day.

The Water Explorer Team


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