Saving secret water - making products out of waste
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Autor postu Danville Park Girls' High School, South Africa na 7 wrzesień 2016
Products made from waste
Products made from waste

Grade 11 Life Sciences pupils visit the Mariannhill Landfill Site and do a waste management project in their homes annually. This made us realise how much excessive waste is being sent to landfill sites which could be recycled or reused.

A guest addressed the school on waste reduction and a skit was staged in assembly on waste. An informative library display reinforced this message.

What did we do?

 Waste collected by pupils was converted into various products by our green business – Originally Made Green (OMG), the Environmental Society and Charity Committee. Certain products were also made during 67 Minutes for Mandela Day by the whole school. This year we made:

  • stuffed toys (second-hand socks),
  • tea bag tags (waste gift wrap),
  • earrings (second-hand buttons),
  • pencil holders (toilet roll inners and cans),
  • containers (plastic coke bottles),
  • cards (used tea bags) and
  • containers for bread tags for each classroom (peanut butter jars).

 Danville also held a Spring Clean day in September. Old clothes and e-waste were collected.

 Lessons in various learning areas were linked to waste. For example the use of waste by Technology to make pulleys and water pumps and Natural Sciences to make models.     

What did we achieve?

 Certain products were donated to Tafta and Wiley House, and others were sold at our annual Market Day to raise funds for Monkey Helpline. Bread tags were collected for the Wheelchairs project. Old clothes were donated to Red Cross and e-waste was collected by an e-waste recycler.      

 We now have a better understanding of waste management and its importance. By recycling and reusing waste we are SAVING SECRET WATER. A large proportion of waste generated at school and homes is now being recycled or reused in various ways rather than filling up our landfill sites. Use of paper at school has been reduced. We are proud of our efforts to reduce waste and convert waste into useful products. By realising that each one of us can make a difference, and not sitting back and waiting for others to act, Danville girls are the face of a new generation: showing passionate commitment to ensuring the health of our planet as we reduce, reuse and recycle (AND SAVE SECRET WATER).



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