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Autor postu I.C.A. Gatto- MITICI MICI, Italy na 22 luty 2015
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water on this planet on which we are all clinging and we want to live: rich and poor, the South or the North, whites or blacks, Christians or Muslims, the water I was saying, that wonderful mixture of hydrogen and oxygen without which there is no life is rapidly decreasing.

-Water on this planet is going to become a commodity to be bought and sold to own and with whom to do business and profits.

Think about it, there are little things, but most are things that can no longer be ignored by citizens.


Here, in these two realities, are the reasons for a movement, a poster and a campaign to make water a Common Good of All Humanity and an inalienable human right and not negotiable, propio as a right.

We do all this because we are also forced to take notice, that the deep sense of what is going on around the water has no place in the political agenda of the institutions and parties and can not find it even on the agenda of the major environmental groups.


We do it because there is still an awareness among the public, which in its wider dimension perhaps unaware that the water on planet Earth, it is not a renewable resource and inexhaustible that constantly change with the climate cycle of evaporation and rainy.

I Have Not! Good water, fresh water, drinking water, water for the functions and activities of human life is lost, it pollutes and the rains do not provide the same balance, the filling of the reservoirs and aquifers .



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