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Rap 4 d environment
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Last year during an eco-school meeting a group of students wrote a poem which included all the programs and initiatives in favour of the environment that our school is involved in. We feel the responsabilty of having a greener future generation. This generation should be created upon values coming f

Our Water Festival on the Newspaper!
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Zamieszczono na 28 maj 2018
Singing for Water
Zamieszczono na 28 maj 2018
Second Skype call with Poland
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Zamieszczono na 26 maj 2018
Second Skype Call with School No. 1 in Sochaczew, Poland
Challenging the Local Community
Zamieszczono na 25 maj 2018
Water Festival – Promoting New Ways to Save Water
Zamieszczono na 23 maj 2018
Highlights from the Water Festival
Gozo College Middle School Global School of the Week!
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Autor postu Marvic Refalo na 21 maj 2018
The Misty Team showing the reusable Travel Cups and eBot - a mascot going around Europe
Buddy Reading - Saving Water
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Zamieszczono na 21 maj 2018
Water Festival
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Zamieszczono na 16 maj 2018
Water Explorer Ambassador travelling in Europe
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Zamieszczono na 13 maj 2018
eBot proclaimed Water Explorer Ambassador
Minion Water Tank
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Zamieszczono na 12 maj 2018
Going on Green Business
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Zamieszczono na 9 maj 2018
Innovative storage jars
The Thirsty Knight
Zamieszczono na 9 maj 2018
National School of the month award goes to SNC Rabat Primary
Autor postu Johann Gatt na 7 maj 2018
National team of the month for April - SNC Rabat Primary Water Explorers
Beebots help us to conserve water!
Zamieszczono na 2 maj 2018
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