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Buddy Reading - Saving Water
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Autor postu St Clare College San Ġwann Primary, Malta na 21 maj 2018

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Two students from Year 6 performed a storytelling session in a Kinder 2 class.  These two girls animated the story of ‘Ilmina’ by using a puppet.  After that, the little students made use of the paint programme, on the Interactive whiteboard, to fill in 2 pictures created digitally by Chinq (one of the Year 6 girls).  After a brief and interesting explanation, of what a drop is, by Ms Nadia (the class teacher), they made drops using playdough.  The little ones were later asked to put their droplet on the A3 LED Light Panel and give their reason why their drop had a happy or sad face.  They were recorded by means of the A3 LED Light Panel and afterwards elicited their reply.



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