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The Thirsty Knight
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Our year 4 students went to the Water Conservation Centre in Rabat where they learnt about water management practices. This activity focused on the conservation of natural water resources and presented excisting management practices which come from our history and culture such as cisterns, aqueducts, springs and spieri.

- Students were shown a presentation on existing water management practices such as cisterns, aqueducts, springs and bore holes.
- Then there were several activities:
1. students had to stop the rainwater runoff collected in a cistern from becoming polluted.
2. they also had to protect an aqueduct from attacking 'monsters'
3. they had to deliver a water bucket from a bore hole to the thirsty knight through a maze
4. they had to drill shafts to enable water to flow from a spring gallery

Lokalny partner Nature Trust - FEE Malta

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