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Saving Rainwater
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Autor postu St Clare College San Ġwann Primary, Malta na 23 kwiecień 2018

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Our Waterexplorer team, participated in the Malta Junior Lego League.  Our project was about collecting Rainwater.  Water is life and every drop counts so why should we waste all that rain water in the streets?  We want to make people aware of the importance of water and we are trying to spread the idea of harvesting water.


We used Lego Story Starters and Wedo 2 to build our project.  We’ve constructed Myrtle Avenue Street (our school street in San Ġwann),      where lots of rainwater just keeps on going unobstructedly to the valley. We are aware of the fact that opposite the school there is a reservoir and so we created a mechanism to help in directing part of the rainwater from the street straight into it.  We’ve also made a pump room from which water can be distributed to school, Church and for irrigational purposes.  We believe that something similar can be constructed in all areas where a reservoir is present.  Why waste rainwater when it’s something we can get for free? We want to instill the idea of harvesting rainwater to the general public, as water is such a precious resource.




Lokalny partner Nature Trust - FEE Malta

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