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Congratulations! Our winners from year 1 are off to an amazing start! This month investigated pesticides and explored grocery store isles to find organic products and low pesticide foods.
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Crunchy Carrots for all
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Autor postu Elliot Primary, Bermuda na 10 luty 2016
Post odnoszący się do Grow it yourself!, Czystsza woda

In November, we invited a local company to help us with the heavy work and dug up a plot in the middle of our courtyard. We got advice that carrots would be the best to plant and took a few months to be ready to pick. We planted the seeds and watched the green leaves of the carrots sprout up. After a few months, we were ready to harvest. On the first day, everyone got to take 5 carrots home, but many people were eating while harvesting. We found out a restaurant wanted to buy our carrots!! We voted as a group to sell half of them so we could use the money to buy tools and seeds for our next crop. The other half we shared with everyone at school. We learned that if you cut a carrot, it looks like an eye - so that means it's good for your eyes. If you cut a strawberry in half it looks like a heart so it's good for your heart. Basically, anything that's grown locally and organically is good for us! We can now leave our junk food snacks at home and eat straight from the school garden!



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