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Sustainable consumption and production: Pulses/Legumes
Autor postu Kwa-Ngubeni Primary School, South Africa na 1 październik 2020

Ensuring that learners know the impact of their daily lifestyle and consumption, KwaNgubeni Primary School did pulse challenge, whereby they were taught the importance of their sustainable consumption and production of plant bases diet versus animal-based diet. Learners were enabled with pulse facts that they now understand that there are more than 20 000 different pulses that are rich in nutrients that are needed in the body and the legume family fixes soil and brings back nitrogen that is needed by plants to grow ensuring soil fertility. Comparing with Animal based diet, pulses uses a fraction of water to grow making them a water wise group and can withstand climatic changes due to it diverseness. After learning about the pulse facts learners then played an engaging competitive game where they have to identify numerous pulses by colour, shape, and form.

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