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Jojo Tank Challenge :How much water content can our school save in a year?
Autor postu Donnybrook Primary, South Africa na 18 marzec 2020
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Following up on their session on the importance of permaculturre gardening , Donnybrook GSS team learnt ways to save water in their school by knowing how much water content they can save in their school in a year in a Jojo Tank considering factors such as rainfall intensity, how many classroom they have, what is the length and breadth of those classroms. Learners calculated how much water they can save in a year by firstly measuring the length and breadth of their classromms and knowing rainfall height in a year, they eagerly calculated and were amazed about those results and no know that by having less Jojo tanks in their school they lose a lot of water content they can use to either flush their toilets or water their garden to grow crops in their permaculture garden, and also cleaning their school yard with that water that can be stored in a Jojo Tank.

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